Canadian Massage Training.

Promoting Wellness Through Massage 

Our Mission...

Canadian Massage Training is dedicated and committed to creating an exceptional experience for the wellness enthusiast, practitioner and therapist.  Maximize your TIME & INVESTMENT with traditional training and certification from Instructors in the field.  Some companies may attempt to imitate, and some may even copy our system.  But many come up short and miss the mark.  Make sure your ahead of the curve with your certification and begin with RELAX TO THE MAX traditional chair massage training and certification!

CMT is built on a strong foundation of INTEGRITY-CONNECTIONS-COMMUNITY and TRUST.  These are our cornerstones of our success!

Check out the program opportunities below and make a call and speak to one of our INSTRUCTORS and see what's possible for YOU in the wonderful world of CHAIR.

CMT INSTRUCTORS ARE a dedicated group of Chair Massage Practitioners who are "Paying It Forward' one amazing graduate at a time.  Let's get started! We will work with you to keep you connected to a vibrant industry of WELLNESS AMBASSADORS and HEALTHCARE professionals. Part-TIme or Full-Time - the choice is YOURS!

Warmest regards,

Dawn Warren CA, CMP



Certified Chair Massage Practitioner: 

Beginner / Advanced / CEU Certification

Program #1 
The Professional Practitioners "ALL-IN" Program for Chair Massage
The 'ALL-IN" Chair Massage Practitioner Certification, is a certification program designed for the individual with absolutely NO formal training or minimal experience and READY to get started with an INSTRUCTOR!

Included in your program;
Premium Chair w./bag
Insurance for 1yr.*
CMP Field Kit
Training DVD's 
In-class Supplies
In-class Instruction 
Examination w. Instructor
Introduction to the TOP contractors across Canada for graduates
Social Media / Marketing w. Chair

YOUR Investment including; training, equipment, examination and insurance (valid for 1 year)
$2,500.00 CDN. 

From Training to Contract, this program is all in and sets you up powerfully for SUCCESS!  


Program #2 
The Traditional R2TMX Beginner Program - The Golden Standard in CHAIR!
The methodology, as originally taught based on traditional Relax to the Max Guide to Certification, focuses on providing massage that is both safe for the customer and safe for the practitioner, using techniques that minimize stress to the practitioners' body.  

The new practitioner will Develop Safe Body Mechanics, Posture Power and Good Business practices, right from the start.  Create a new source of independence and income as a sub-contractor, promoting wellness through seated chair massage. Follow the direction of your instructor and you'll be on your way to a long, soul-satisfying career in chair massage.

Your Program will provide;
Starter Chair w./bag
CMP Field Kit
Training DVD's 
In-class Supplies
In-class Instruction 
Examination w. Instructor
Introduction to the TOP contractors across Canada for graduates
Social Media / Marketing w. Chair 
YOUR Investment including; training, equipment, examination  $1475 + HST

The R2TMX program is the Golden Standard in chair massage for over 25 years. Learn everything you need to know with this program to get you - STARTED!


Program #3
The Wellness Enthusiast "I GOT A CHAIR"
Fitness Experts, Trainers and Instructors, This program is for you!

Looking for a unique marketing modality that can increase your business and still be active? Develop Safe & Efficient Body Mechanics, Posture Power and Good Business practices while developing a UNIQUE marketing modality with -CHAIR.  

Create value to your clients fitness program from warm up to cool down.  Create a referral program, or complimentary service with each NEW membership, are just a few examples of what can be created in class and we will show YOU how! The length of  or duration of the program depends on your ability to  pick up the techniques and recreate rhythm and flow.  

Practice - practice - practice! 

Your Program will provide;
CMP Field Kit
Training DVD's 
In-class Supplies
In-class Instruction 
Examination w. Instructor
Introduction to the TOP contractors across Canada for graduates
Social Media 
YOUR Investment including; training, equipment, examination: $999 + HST
Discover the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, flexibility and adaptability of marketing with -CHAIR! 


Program #4
The RMT Program - CMP 101
CEU: 1. CBD-Business Development / 2. COL-On-going Learning / 3. CTE-Massage Techniques.

Your Program will provide;
CMP Field Kit
Training DVD's 
In-class Supplies
In-class Instruction 
Chair rentals @ $25/day
YOUR Investment including; training, equipment, examination: $375 + HST

RMT's will be provided a "Certificate" upon completion for credit.


Program #5

Marketing Solutions for the Chair Massage Practitioner - Lunch & Learn

Ready to expand your world and grow your business but, don't know where to start? Have an idea and not sure how to unfold it? let's head to the 'drawing board' and map it out for the year.  Bring your note-pad and lets get started over lunch. (Approx.2-3hr)

  • YOUR Investment; $75.00 CDN. 


Program #6
The Graduate "Drop-In' Program: Relax to the Max One More Time! 
Body use principles -& Posture Power for the Returning Practitioner
Rediscover the 15-Minute Routine based on the Relax to the Max techniques and principles. Strengthen your core, relax your shoulders and develop body dynamics that prevent injuries and increase energy. 

Perfect for returning practitioners or it's just time for a 'tune up".  Review Scope of Practice, The Screening process and Public Health protocols.  It's surprising how quickly it all comes back after just one fun day back in the classroom.  

  • Student Manual
  • Face Cradles and Cleaning Supplies provided
  • $65.00 - 1 Day Drop In 
  • $85.00 - 2 Day Drop In


Post Graduation Support /Social Media Connection:  Connect with graduates and practitioners through Canadian Massage Training Opportunity Board and Facebook communities across Canada.  

Students are encouraged to join our network of graduates from various on site mobile companies and TOP CONTRACTORS across Canada.


Additional Resources and Educational Material : 

  • Text book/Training Manual: $79.95
  • Instructional DVD sets available :$56.95
  • DVD's single: $29.95


Canadian Massage Training Programs ALL include:
  • The R2TMX - 15 Minute Routine *the GOLDEN STANDARD & foundation for all training in CHAIR.
  • Body use principles -Posture Power for the Practitioner
  • Seamless Transitions and Unique Techniques
  • 75+ incredible Muscle Melting Accessory Techniques - BONUS
  • Side effects & Contraindications - "When in doubt, opt out!"
  • Anatomy & Terminology
  • Client Screening
  • Training Manual; Over 200 pages of instructions, images and tips 
  • Educational DVD's
  • Professional Practitioners Field Kit
  • Marketing 101 - Healthy Business Practices
  • ON-SITE experiences (Student Practicum Opportunities) WITH A REAL CREW!*
  • Connect with Top Contractors across Canada
  • Examination & Certification

  • Canadian Massage Training programs, provide students with the knowledge to safely and effectively practice seated chair massage and deliver a superior experience to customers with relaxation routines ranging from 10-60 minutes.  

    Taught by Certified seated chair massage practitioners and R.M.T.'s with hands on experience; keep you current and connected with a vibrant seated chair massage community-Guaranteed!  As a certified seated chair massage practitioner you have the flexibility to work full-time or part-time and feel confident you chose Canadian Massage Training for your Certification.

    Certified Seated Chair Massage Practitioners are out in our community at;
    • Workplace
    • Trade shows
    • Conferences
    • Corporate Wellness Initiatives
    • Hospitals
    • Yoga Studios
    • Gyms
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Fundraisers
    • Festivals
    • Concerts TV/Movies
    • Retirement Communities
    • Nursing Homes
    • Chiropractic Offices
    • Physiotherapy Facilities
    • Airports
    • Mobile
    • On-site
    • Subcontractor Contracts Across Canada
    • Earning potential $30.00 - $85.00/ hr. 
    • the possibilities are endless!

    Training Location: 

    Toronto / Markham / Mississauga / Scarborough / Hamilton / Brampton / New Market / Whitby / Oakville / Niagara Falls/Guelph/Barrie/Pickering/Stouffville/Ajax/Bowmanville/Peterborough

      Contact us at Canadian Massage Training for a training opportunity near YOU!