Canadian Massage Training.

Promoting Wellness Through Massage 

Certified Chair Massage Practitioner 101: 
Beginner. Advanced and Accelerated Training.

*Program #1
2 Day Certification: the Accelerator (CEU)
 2 Day Chair Massage Practitioner Certification for qualified individuals with previous massage training or healthcare industry experience.  Ideal for Estheticians, Fitness Trainers, Yoga, Pilates Instructors, Nurses and PSW's, looking for a unique wellness based income solution for their growing clientele, that values YOUR current level of skills, experience and general fitness knowledge. 
CEU: 1. CBD-Business Development / 2. COL-On-going Learning / 3. CTE-Massage Techniques.

 Increase YOUR market value NOW with the Accelerator 2-Day Certification in Chair Massage!

  • Student notebook
  • Face Cradles
  • Cleaning Supplies provided
  • YOUR Investment; $375
  • Chair Rentals Available for purchase or rental at an additional cost to student.

Canadian Massage Training programs, provide students with the knowledge to safely and effectively practice seated chair massage and deliver a superior experience to customers with relaxation routines ranging from 10-60 minutes.  Taught by Certified seated chair massage practitioners and R.M.T.'s with hands on experience; keep you current and connected with a vibrant seated chair massage community-Guaranteed!  As a certified seated chair massage practitioner you have the flexibility to work full-time or part-time and feel confident you chose Canadian Massage Training for your Certification.

Program #2 
Beginner - Certified Chair Massage Practitioner 101
Chair Massage Practitioner 101 is a certification program designed for the beginner or individual with absolutely NO formal training or minimal experience.

Over the course of the 10 Day Certification program our instructors teach students over 75 unique techniques.  Develop a sense of touch and mastery over each component of a relaxing muscle melting massage experience. Transition from one technique to another safely and effectively, creating a seamless flow to your massage, with little physical stress and strain to the practitioner's body. From chair to field kit this program is all in and sets you up powerfully for SUCCESS in one week!  

This complete program maintains a high standard of training that is recognized within the industry of contractors  across Canada.  Develop Safe Body Mechanics and Good Business practices working with a "REAL" crew of graduates during your training.  Create a new source of income and expand your business opportunities promoting wellness through massage. Bring your lunch, your smiles and get ready to have FUN discovering - CHAIR!

Contact Canadian Massage Training at 289-597-4230 for details and speak to one of our instructors.

1. In-Class Training: Our in class training will provide you with; an introduction to seated chair massage and equipment set up;

  • Basic Anatomy
  • Terminology
  • Screening
  • Side effects & contraindications
  • Body use principles
  • In-class practice
  • Examination & Certification
  • *Relax to the Max - 15 Minute Routine *the foundation for all training.
  • Training Manual; Over 200 pages of instructions, images and tips.
  • Educational DVD's
  • Professional Practitioners Field Kit
  • Body Saver Mechanics for the practitioner.  
  • Marketing 101 - Healthy Business Practices
  • 75+ incredible Muscle Melting Techniques
  • The 15 Minute Routine - Seamless Transitions and Unique Techniques
  • ON-SITE experiences (Student Practicum Opportunities) WITH A REAL CREW!
  • Connect with Top Contractors across Canada
  • YOUR Investment; training, equipment  and insurance (valid for 1 year) $2,250.00 CDN. 

  • Program #3
    Advanced Certification - The Accessories & Marketing Solutions for the Chair Practitioner
    Two day in-class certification. For individuals who have previous massage training and currently hold a valid certification or license and/or have graduated from Program #1.  Ready to expand your knowledge, bored already with your routine? Learn in this two day program how to maximize your chair and expand on the techniques you discovered in Beginner Chair Massage 101 witch accessory techniques for shoulders, legs, calves, feet and more.  Meet practitioners who are already working in the field and network with your colleagues.
    • Includes workbook and instructional DVD.
    • YOUR Investment; $375.00 CDN. 
    • Equipment rental available (1 day/2 day )

    Program #4
    The Graduate "Drop-In' Program: Relax to the Max One More Time!  
    Rediscover the 15-Minute Routine based on the Relax to the Max techniques and principals. Strengthen your core, relax your shoulders and develop body dynamics that prevent injuries and increase energy. Perfect for returning practitioners after 2-3 years away from the industry or it's just time for a 'tune up".  Review Scope of Practice, creating an inviting space and Public Health protocols.  It's surprising how quickly it all comes back after just one fun day back in the classroom.  

    • Student Notebook
    • Face Cradles and Cleaning Supplies provided
    • $98.00 - 2 Day Drop In
    • $75.00 - 1 Day Drop In 
    • Chair Rental available

    Post Graduation Support /Social Media Connection:  Connect with graduates and practitioners through Canadian Massage Training Opportunity Board and Facebook communities across Canada.  Students are encouraged to join our network of graduates from various on site mobile companies and TOP CONTRACTORS across Canada.

    Additional Resources and Educational Material : 

    • Text book/Training Manual: $79.95
    • Instructional DVD sets available :$56.95
    • DVD's single: $29.95

    Canadian Massage Training provides the following class programs to compliment your certification programs.  Classes are coordinated based on interest and a minimum of 12 students and are available as a CEU for R.M.T.'s

    • *First Aid & CPR Certification.  Be prepared and confident as a Certified Chair Massage practitioner and upgrade before you graduate with first aid & CPR training. 

    • Reiki Level I - (CEU) for R.M.T.'s  = First degree ONLY!  
    • $350 CDN
    • Continuing Education Units (CEUs):  Over the course of each three year continuing education cycle, R.M.T.'s are required to obtain a minimum of 30 CEUs and demonstrate diversified learning by actively participating in a variety of professional education activities that meet the following criteria: 
    • the activity must be an activity where learning takes place;
    • the topic that is learned about must be related to a Massage Therapy competency or modality; and the learning outcome must relate to the practice of Massage Therapy.
    • Insurance is available for all graduates you complete the required practicum and examination who wish to work with the public.   
    • In addition to your training fee, students are required to purchase a chair on or before the first day of class. Chairs are available to rent for $75.00/day. 

    • Please contact us at [email protected] or 289-597-4230 during business hours for assistance and guidelines to order through our preferred vendor list.

    Certified Seated Chair Massage Practitioners are out in our community at;

    • Workplace
    • Trade shows
    • Conferences
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Fundraisers
    • Festivals
    • Concerts TV/Movies
    • Retirement Communities
    • Nursing Homes
    • Hospitals
    • Chiropractic Offices
    • Airports
    • Mobile
    • On-site
    • Earning potential $30.00 - $85.00/ hr. 
    • the possibilities are endless!

    Training Location: 

    Toronto / Markham / Mississauga / Scarborough / Hamilton / Brampton / New Market / Whitby / Oakville / Niagara Falls.  Contact us at Canadian Massage Training for a training opportunity near YOU!